Pirate Queens Author Leigh Lewis

On Wednesday, June 29, the library hosts Leigh Lewis, author of Pirate Queens: Dauntless Women Who Dared to Rule the High Seas. Published by National Geographic Kids, Pirate Queens profiles six real fearsome female pirates through original poetry and full color art. At 11 AM, during “You’re a Poet, Don’t Cha Know” Lewis will help children ages 6-10 explore verse forms and compose a two-voice poem mad libs-style. Then, at 1 PM, kids 11-16 can learn about pirates and navigation pre-GPS and make their own compass during “Sailing the Seven She’s.” Finally, at 3 PM, she will present “Uncovering Hidden History” for older teens and adults—the true stories of these infamous women and the forces that drove them to piracy.

Registration is required.  Call 330-545-2508 to sign up.

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